Lee Francis

Senior IT Leader

What I do ...

I have been leading teams of developers now for many years, in a few different industries.  Currently working in Financial Services for an execution only stock broker being in charge of and responsible for all of the back office systems. 


IT Strategy

I am very experienced at both definition and delivery of any IT Strategy.  I am able to make suggestions, tweaks, create from scratch an IT Strategy document which will help you get the most of your product, motivate and excite staff and thus to towards improving productivity.


IT Leadership

I am experienced in creating high performing teams,  leading to gain maximum motivation and productivity.  I can create new teams of high performing members, or work with existing ones in order to get results, on time, and to budget.  



Full analytical experience and solution design to ensure the maximum return for your development investment.

Over 20 years of leadership and over 35 years of development experience.  I’m adebt at integrating into existing teams or creating new ones.

Experienced IT leader and professional photographer.

With many years of IT experience as a developer as well as a department head. I have over 35 years of experience in the software development arena leading teams and developing software.

I have built development teams, developed IT strategies, defined and implemented change management processes with a number of companies.

I can build from new or integrate into any team environment, and hit the ground running.

Range of experience and achievements

Replacement of back office system

Replaced an old DOS based green screen back office system with a modern browser delivered system. Also migrated the database from Open Insight to MSSql without the need to rewrite the underlying database code.

Agile Development

I have implemented Agile development as opposed to waterfall with my current development team. This has dramatically increased speed to market for developments as well as giving our business much more flexibility with development focus.

I am a firm believer that I am a member of the team, as well as being the leader.  Many years of experience has taught me that the way to get the best from a team, you lead them, engage them, allow them to be heard and help shape the solution we are to deliver.  A team is exactly that, a team.  When we are treated as a team, we perform as one, and deliver as one.

Exponentially Increased Electronic Trading Capacity

Designed and developed new Retail Service Providers ( RSP ) gateways using FIX4.2 and asynchronous messaging via load balanced RSP internal servers. This replaced a single sequential gateway drastically increasing throughput and resilience

Outbound Dialler

My team and I came up with the concept, created a proof of concept to present to the senior management team at the call centre. The project was commissioned and delivered in 12 months, within budget.

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