Welcome to my website. I am a website designer & developer, a photographer and an IT systems specialist. I work as a Head of Enterprise Architecture during the day and keep myself busy in my spare time.

I develop websites so that I can make sure that I always keep up to date with the latest technologies, techniques and design principles.

What I Do

I am a full time IT specialist, currently Head of Enterprise Archtecture at a stock broker based in Aylesbury. I have a strong development background and develop websites in my spare time to keep my skills up to date.


What I've done

Im a very keen hobbist photographer who has recently got back into the photography world. I do photography very much for enjoyment and relaxation and during this journey, I have teamed up with a studio based in Northampton, Studio Fifty Eight Limited. I re-developed their website which has brought me back to the website design and development world.


Current Technologies Used

The websites I am currently developing use HTML5, CSS3, PHP, MySQL ( or similar ) databases & jQuery. I have recently developed an online booking system for a photography studio which includes PayPal integration. I'm open to anything which is appropriate for the job in hand and will evaluate the best tool for the job in hand.


Say Hello.

If you are interested in exploring what we can create, please get in touch!